Wisdom Teeth

Are you having significant pain towards the rear of your mouth constantly? Do you have trouble fully biting down when chewing food? You may have infections in or around your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth develop throughout youth into young adulthood. Their growth creates challenging obstacles for you to overcome, especially if they come in misaligned. Keeping them clean is difficult, and if you aren’t careful with their care, they become painful quickly.

Pain Caused By Wisdom Teeth

Tooth infection

You don’t want to let a tooth infection fester. Your wisdom teeth infection can easily become a factor in the rest of your oral health.

Tooth Decay

Decay expedites when not treated.

Gum Disease

Swollen gums and puss in the mouth are common symptoms of gum disease.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

65% of the United States develop wisdom teeth between the ages of 12 and 15 years old. Wisdom teeth in some cases will never erupt, which means they stay stagnant in the mouth and cause pain. You’ll need an examination before you are cleared for wisdom teeth removal.

Throughout our process of wisdom teeth removal, we use “conscious sedation methods.” This minimizes the procedure’s pain on your end. If you’ve been experiencing pain and are looking to schedule removal, we can help.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

There is no set time frame that all patients should adhere to for removing their wisdom teeth. It could be the moment they start coming in, due to poor alignment and potential damage to surrounding teeth. Or, they can come in perfectly and decay over time, again causing damage to surrounding teeth. The best route to get relief permanently from your wisdom teeth is to have them removed, especially if they’re becoming extremely painful.



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