Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are consistent and viable additions to your oral health. Crowns and fillings as the only general route to improving your smile and giving your teeth improved health overall.

Our Porcelain Crown Procedures

Pain will be kept to a minimum while stunning, healthy cosmetic results are produced by our crowns. Keeping our patients safe is our top priority, and that mindset permeates every aspect of our crown design process.

Metal isn’t a part of the Crowning Process Anymore

Porcelain restorations have been revised a great deal. The crown’s base used to be made out of metal. This was a sturdy and firm option for your teeth, but it was invasive and potentially damaging later down the road. Luckily, new strategies have created reliable solutions for metal-less crowns. Metal was irritating to the gum in most cases as well, with titanium being a rare exception.

We provide porcelain crowns with:

Quick Crown Applying Procedures: Your crowns will be added to your teeth quickly with minimal pain and procedures that are as minimally invasive as possible. We keep your oral health and comfort as our top priority.

Lasting Quality: Crowns of old would require maintenance and full replacement in some instances. We avoid this as much as possible to keep your costs low and your teeth happy.

Impactful to Your Smile: You’ll notice the difference in your smile instantly. Feeling more complete, more beautiful, and confident. Your crowns keep your teeth aligned with perfect comfort.



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Our dental policies and procedures are well documented, implemented and monitored.


Our dental practice is compliant with the standards set by the American Dental Association as well as that of the State of California.


Our dental equipment is the latest technology available.


Our office has an integrated information technology infrastructure.


Our dental hygienist and dental assistants are trained in the latest techniques and love to help their patients.