Laser Cavity Activation

Sick of dealing with cavities and fillings?

Laser cavity activation is a solution to improve your oral health through early decay detection. The latest and most advanced technologies available to us will show what x-rays won’t. We ensure detection begins before major tooth decay sets in, which minimizes the procedural invasiveness to your mouth.

How Does Cavity Detection Work?

With our innovative new technologies, you’ll receive a numerical value that is measurable growth or decay in your teeth. With this value, we can then assess with added accuracy how best for your mouth’s oral health to be improved. This is a surefire way to avoid more cavities and keep your mouth feeling healthier than ever.

After your completely painless procedure, you’ll leave with a much better understanding of your oral health, and early signs of any adjustments you need to make with your dental routine.

Benefits of Laser Cavity Activation

Avoid Fillings – Nobody wants more fillings. Avoiding cavities will limit the number of fillings you end up needing, improving your dental health while staying wallet-friendly.

Minimize Procedure Costs – The better shape your teeth are in lowers your procedure costs. By the same token, the earlier tooth decay is detected, the better results you’ll get.

Experienced Professionals – With our extended experience in the industry, you’ll be met with consistent, reliable results for avoiding cavities.

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