What are oral implants? Do they replace your teeth? How do I get them?

Oral implants are fantastic solutions to amending root loss or completely missing teeth. We place our artificial material in place of the gap to create the appearance of a real tooth. This can be applied to any gaps or spaces in your teeth that are clean and well kept.

Benefits of Oral Implants

Teeth are Protected – Surrounding teeth will not be affected by these implants. Usually, with surgery, you put surrounding areas of the body at risk by applying invasive surgery. With our dental implants, we keep the rest of your mouth healthy and avoid health risks.

Functioning like normal teeth is a huge draw for your implants as well. Your implants don’t act as a detriment to the functionality of your mouth but improve your chewing habits. Additionally, your implants are more grind resistant than natural teeth. This is a great added benefit for those who have trouble with grinding their teeth either consciously or in their sleep.

Bone and Structural Loss – Our bones atrophy and diminish without use, which is why we need to keep them as active as possible. When teeth are extracted, the bone that once supported them resorbs, leaving behind flaws or dents, altered facial contours, and sagging cheeks and lips that expedite the visual aging process.

When an implant is inserted, the jawbone receives stimulation directly from chewing. Similar to the bone around natural teeth, the bone around an implant can be stimulated to keep its density and volume. Moreover, our teeth love to be in pairs; when one is lost, the opposing tooth will sometimes grow through the gums and into the mouth. When teeth are lost, the remaining teeth may shift position or tip forward to fill the empty spaces.



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