Emergency Dental Care

We provide immediate solutions to your dental care needs. In the event of an emergency, call us right away to assess the pain levels, cause of damage, and other issues you may be experiencing. Our expert staff is prepared to meet your exact needs right away. This includes:

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

  • Filling leaking and falling out
  • Extraction-level damage
  • Chipped Teeth

General tooth pain doesn’t always mean that your tooth needs a root canal. Extraction and emergency procedures can be necessary, but we assess that ourselves to ensure you receive the exact level of care your teeth need.

Now, if an incident happened and the pain was light but has grown to be intense, come see us as soon as possible. Do the best you can to manage the pain and apply remedies with ice and other general pain reducers. Often enough, inflammation and swelling will begin when serious pain is left untreated.

Remember: when these aches and pains are left alone and untreated, you will see far greater issues in the long haul. Take care of your teeth today and get started on finding the exact right solution to your tooth pain. Give us a call to allow us to assess your pain and the issues that may be present with your current dental health.



Our office is comfortable and has a welcoming feel.


Our dental policies and procedures are well documented, implemented and monitored.


Our dental practice is compliant with the standards set by the American Dental Association as well as that of the State of California.


Our dental equipment is the latest technology available.


Our office has an integrated information technology infrastructure.


Our dental hygienist and dental assistants are trained in the latest techniques and love to help their patients.