Dentures are invisible to natural teeth today. Even with included gums, the tissue of your gums is replicated to the finest detail as well. You can expect a refined, natural, and quality look when wearing your dentures. You’ll never feel uncomfortable again with your teeth. Having a consistent solution to your dental health is a fantastic route to building confidence as well.

With our custom solutions, we offer the best materials available in our dental hygiene services. The three primary forms of dentures we provide are:

Traditional Dentures: These are used with oral impressions that are taken of the mouth. These will usually have some kind of material applied consistently to keep them in place as well.

Implant Dentures: Acting similarly to porcelain bridges, these dentures are put into a locked position as well. 

Overdentures- Usually two implants, one on either side of the mouth. These implants keep your teeth aligned and allow for your dentures to stay in a more firm, locked position when not in use. Lack of movement will lower the risk of damage to your implant and surrounding teeth.

Which set of Dentures is best for me?

Dentures and their placement in your teeth will rely heavily on the patient. We don’t generalize our work, but instead, decide based on the comfort of the patient. To explore your options, give us a call today to learn more.

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Long Beach Crown Services

We want what's best for your teeth. While crowns are a drastic measure necessary in some instances, we apply the exact right amount of attention to avoid using crowns if possible.

Porcelain is the only material that can effectively mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Since metal was once required for the crown's base due to the insufficiency of the technologies used to create high-quality porcelain restorations, porcelain is now fused directly to the metal.
Our porcelain crowns avoid using metal completely.

Minimizing Invasiveness of Procedures

Procedures that heal your teeth and put them in the best position to be used effectively do not necessarily need crowns or filling. You have a ton of options at your disposal, and unless you currently have a crown on that tooth, you should get a second opinion if your dentist has advised you that you need a crown.

There are less invasive ways to restore teeth now. It's not necessary to choose between a filling and a crown. We can offer you a beautiful smile without having to reduce your teeth to powder.

Our team of experts in Long Beach, CA, will gladly help protect your teeth. Give us a call today!


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