Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from a severe fear of going to the dentist? Do you find yourself anxious and tense about upcoming dental appointments even before you go? You may be suffering from serious cases of dental anxiety.

Dentophobia is the fear of dentistry and surrounding treatments. Most people would probably guess that children suffer from dentophobia most. However, dental anxiety is a growing issue in youth and adulthood alike. It’s not set to any age group or even profession, some medical and even dental professionals have anxiety surrounding visits to the dentist.

Dental Anxiety Causes

Dental Trauma From the Past

This is a very valid and unfortunate truth for childhood trauma especially. Any procedure going poorly or having a fear-intensive first checkup leaves a lasting impression on an impressionable young mind. This is hard to root out and pull away from.

Media Portrayal of Dentistry

Television programs and films often portray dentists as evil and conniving. In truth, dentists actively aim to make their treatments as seamless and painless as possible.

Exaggerated Stories and Lack of Information

Horror stories of dentist experiences are common. However, the facts surrounding the experience are often exaggerated or inflated for dramatic effect. Consider this and how it impacted the way you feel towards the dentist’s office.

Progressive New Dental Procedure Methods

Sedation is not a treatment for dental phobia, but it allows dental treatments to be applied with greater ease. Our patients are put into a safe, relaxed state through sedated treatments. As they’re applied, you won’t remember the rest of the procedure as soon as the IV is placed in your arm throughout IV sedation.



Our office is comfortable and has a welcoming feel.


Our dental policies and procedures are well documented, implemented and monitored.


Our dental practice is compliant with the standards set by the American Dental Association as well as that of the State of California.


Our dental equipment is the latest technology available.


Our office has an integrated information technology infrastructure.


Our dental hygienist and dental assistants are trained in the latest techniques and love to help their patients.