Teeth whitening solutions are something we all look for in our dental health routines. However, many of these solutions are inconsistent. Here are some tips from our experts on the best solutions for healthier teeth, and fast teeth whitening remedies.


What Contributes Most to Teeth Whitening Results?


Dental Hygiene Practices

How often do you brush your teeth? Are you regularly flossing? Your dental hygiene practices on a daily basis will impact how quickly your teeth stain. A healthier mouth will also look the part, so make sure you’re taking time out of your day to keep them clean. This includes flossing after meals when you can, brushing at least twice a day, and applying extra attention to pains. Don’t leave stressed areas unattended. This can lead to developing “soft teeth.”

What are “Soft Teeth?”

Some patients will characterize their teeth as being soft. However, that phrasing isn’t quite right. Usually, if you are pursuing teeth whitening and have been falling victim to soft tooth pains, it’s your diet’s fault. This can be the foods you eat including too much sugar, heavy carbonation in drinks, and more. They aren’t actually becoming softer, but instead, more sensitive. This sensitivity will distract from the attention you are aiming to provide your teeth whitening strategies.

For example, if your teeth hurt whenever you have a cold soda, there’s likely an infection or other issue in the affected area. The answer is not to drink less soda and hope it goes away. You need to adjust your diet around the pains you’ve been having.


What you drink in your diet is a major contributor to how white your teeth appear. Depending on the volume of sugar, carbonation, and how easily the liquids stain teeth, you’ll see teeth whiteness diminish. While nobody’s diet is perfect, it is important to note which drinks affect you how, as well as routes to reduce your intake of each.


First, coffee stains teeth heavily when it’s a regular part of your diet. Unfortunately, this is the primary route most get their caffeine. To lower the effects of how coffee stains your teeth, you can try alternatives for caffeine boosts. For example, tea is a great alternative. Most teas have little to no sugar and will barely contribute to your teeth’s staining.


Soda is potentially the most harmful of all drinks on your teeth. It breaks down enamel with its heavy sugar and carbonation creating bacteria. If you steadily drink soda, diet isn’t even necessarily a much better option. Even without the sugar and calories, you still get the effects of heavy carbonation and syrup. Overall, the best route for soda is to try and minimize the frequency you drink it.

Of course, special occasions are going to call for soda in some instances. Simply balancing out your diet will create immediate results for your teeth being healthier overall, and staying white for longer.


Milk’s a great alternative to heavier sugar drinks with carbonation. It’s a great source of calcium and will keep your teeth happier.

Tobbaco and Alcohol

While these don’t have carbonation or sugar generally, they can easily cause infection quickly. Be sure to reduce your intake of both alcohol and tobacco if you’re going to be pursuing teeth whitening. Otherwise, you put yourself at an immediate disadvantage that is hard to shake.


How do I Improve My Teeth Whitening Results Fast?


Listen to Your Dentist!

Your dentist is going to lay out some ideas and a thorough plan when you ask about whitening your teeth. Unfortunately, most patients seeking teeth whitening will not implement the majority of the practices their dentist recommends. A few ideas they’ll try, while most aren’t utilized at all.

If you are serious about getting teeth whitening results, treat your teeth with extra care and caution. Drop a cup of coffee out of your diet even just once or twice a week. Change up that wine you’ve been drinking to tea. These incremental changes will make everything come that much easier.


Try Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips can be effective depending on the credibility of the provider. Ask your dentist about a brand you’ve been looking to try, and you may find that perfect pairing with new strips.

Although, these can get pricy if you aren’t getting results quickly. Take mind of how they affect your monthly budget for dental care.


Schedule Consistent Check-Ups


Check-ups give you the best opportunity to measure your progress and get personalized professional advice. Your teeth can be assessed by a professional firsthand, and be provided the extra care they may need.

If you’re looking to schedule a teeth whitening session, we’d love to speak with you. Give us a call today to start your journey to healthy teeth whitening solutions. We’re looking forward to seeing your happy new smile soon!